The Marigot Secondary School was established in the year 2006 on the grounds of the Roseau Combined School and The Holy Family Parish Hall; situated in Jacmel. The school moved to the proposed site at Marigot a year later under the mentioned named Marigot Secondary School. Ten years later, March 1st 2016, the school was renamed; Jon Odlum Secondary School under cabinet conclusion 347 of 2015. To commemorate the occasion the Prime Minister the Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony gave the feature address at the ceremony to recognize the work of Mr. Jon Stanley Odlum.

Having been officially named after such a long stint, the staff feels it is necessary to now showcase the school. During an “Open Day”, which will be dated later. We want the public and the country on the whole to view Jon Odlum Secondary School as one of the schools of choice in the near future. We are hoping to highlight both the technical and academic subjects on the school’s curriculum.

Technical Subjects include:
– Clothing and Textile
– Fabric Design
– Food and Nutrition
– Restaurant Service
– Music
– Steel Pan
– Agriculture
– Tilapia Production
– Crop Production
– Computer Repair
– Building Technology
– Technical Drawing
– Building Construction
– Physical Education

Academics Subjects include:
– English
– Mathematics
– Social Studies
– Integrated Science
– Health and Family Life Education
– Electronic Document Preparation and Management

Some other technical subjects the school is hoping to provide in the upcoming school year are as follow:
– Rabbitary
– Poultry
– Auto Mechanics

We look forward in the near future to appeal to the public with our innovative curriculum and to build on our student population.