Studying at Marigot Secondary

We welcome the current students studying at Marigot Secondary School.


Learn at Marigot Secondary

Resources and services to support your learning and academic progress. There are vast resources available to you to support you on your learning journey. Whatever your subject area, there are many ways you can access support. Resources range from the unlimited access to the The Information Technology Laboratory and The Learning Resource Center.


Health and Welfare

Welfare, health and other support available to students.


Campus Guide


Places to eat and drink, PC areas and more. Food and drinks are available at the school’s main canteen surrounded by spacious seating arrangement known as the Gazebo. Our daily menu consists of fried or roast bakes with tuna fish or cheese, sausages, macaroni pie, fried chicken and fries, Jamaican patties (beef or chicken), chicken roti and an assortment of local juices. The canteen also has hot meals as early as 7:00 a.m daily.


Internet access on the school campus


Wi-Fi access is limited only to the labs (Information Technology, Learning Resource Center and Technical Drawing). Students can use their electronic devices/ smart phones to gain access or their personal laptops provided by the Government of Saint Lucia. During exam periods, the labs are closed to students.


Career Development Service

Information to develop your employability…


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