The Building Department Comprises of two teachers Mr. Barry and Miss Mitchell. Presently, eighty nine students are currently enrolled in this area. The students are drawn from Form One’s, Two’s, Four’s and Five’s.


The course outline is in keeping with the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) syllabus for Building Technology and Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) Standards CCBC10102.



  • To engender a culture of Occupation Health and safety.
  • To appraise the learners of the different types of building
  • To give learners an understanding of how a building site is cleared.
  • Instruction on the laying out of a building
  • Principles involved in the use of hand and power tools
  • Carry out cementitous work.
  • Making small wooden projects to teach some of the joints used in woodwork:V12: Rebate, Butt and Halving
  • Using simple leveling and measuring devices.


However, in the quest to achieve these objectives, the department encountered several setbacks, with respect to the lack of materials. This was due to the untimely allocation of resources from the Ministry of Education. In addition two (2) our main machinery are inoperable due to electrical problems.


In spite of these and some other significant challenges we were able to accomplish some of the aforementioned objectives, which enabled the students to acquire both theoretical and hands/ practical knowledge.


Some of the noticeable and noteworthy achievements are:

  • Carry out minor repairs to the school’s plant such as doors, plumbing, furniture, door locks etc.
  • Construction of a wash trough (ongoing)
  • Layout, carcassing and building a concrete walkway (using cementitous mixture).
  • Construction of a concrete park bench
  • Construction of a stationery rack, bookracks and sand sieve: inter-alia


We have observed that many of the students who are members of the construction/building team possess a desire to learn the skills taught but at times become frustrated due to sequences and safety procedures which, must be adhered to. Most of them anticipated a quick fix without understanding the theory behind the principles and the “what if’s”?


Nonetheless,  facilitators continue to teach them the relevance of what they are been taught in relation to industry standards. This is a critical part as  attempts to inculcate the importance of developing competence with the motto:

“Education make you trainable, training makes you employable but attitude keeps you employed”


In an effort to contribute to Nation Building, the Building Department stands resolute to forge  products that will make a definite contribution and success to St. Lucia and the wider society regardless of the constraints, limitations and challenges.



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