The Mathematics department comprises of the following teachers: Mr. Shari Girard (Head of Department), Ms. Annie Aubry, Ms. Shannon Ferdinand, Ms. Sabina Xavier, Ms. St. Juste and Mr. Gustave


Department Goals

  • Improve overall student performance in Mathematics
  • Expose students to a more dynamic Mathematics instructional environment
  • Increase school performance in National and Regional examinations



The areas of focus for the department include:

  1. Promoting/ Fostering a diverse learning experience for students

    • Greater emphasis on the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
    • Experiments, investigations
  2. Promoting a competitive spirit amongst student

    • regular quizzes, competitions, etc. according to Class, Form Level or House
  3. Orienting teachers and students to the use of various supplementary educational websites for example: KS1 Bitesize Math, KS2 Bitesize Math, KS3 Bitesize Math, GSCE Bitesize, Math, Youtube, etc.

    • Professional sessions/ discussions
    • Exchanging of innovative ideas amongst teachers (discussing best practices).
  4. An integrative approach to teaching Mathematics

    • liaise with teachers from other departments such as Food and Nutrition, Building Technology, Technical Drawing, Physical Education, Clothing and Technology, Agricultural Science


The school’s performance has improved significantly in the CSEC examination. The school’s CSEC pass rate in Mathematics has moved from 0% in 2010 to 33.3% in 2014.



An old Chinese proverb when translated reads and I quote, “Do not fear going forward slowly, fear only to stand still”, end quote. This statement serves to reiterate the understanding of the department, as it is reminded on the gains in the level of Mathematics students can now do in contrast to the past.

The statement in no way represents the approach however, as it endeavours to change the fortunes of this institution within the shortest time frame possible.



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