Special Programmes

Our school comprises of a wide cross-section of students; some of which are academically challenged and it is believed if given the proper equipment and facilities, as well as creating an environment that accommodates the same, all students can overcome some, if not all of these challenges.

This is reflected in our Mission Statement which is:

“To offer a holistic education which would enable all students to develop the appropriate attitude, knowledge and skills in order to function effectively in a global community.”

This by no means indicates that they are unable to function adequately; but means that they have a harder time succeeding without additional resources.  We have embraced this and have explored other ways to help fully develop the students, since academics within the classroom setting is not the sole ingredient for a successful and well-rounded student.

In this regard, the school has put in place the following programmes:

  1. Character Education Initiative
  2. Learning Resource Centre
  3. Literacy Programme
  4. Numeracy Programme
  5. Pastoral Care Programme
  6. Special Education